Bride on the Run!

No, we do not mean that the bride has run away! We are talking about Sadia Afrin Prova who is a senior recruitment manager at a Canadian education platform. Her wedding in 2020 swept off all the girls in and outside the Wander Woman community with her unique wedding celebrations. From her bridal shower, to […]

Sisterhood of Travelling Wander Woman

The popular movie Sisterhood of Travelling Pants left a mark among many 90s teenage girls. The plot in the movie revolves around best friends who spend their first summer apart and what they do in order to stay connected with each other despite the adversities of life.  The story we are sharing here is in […]

Social Media’s Favourite – The Travelette

Meet Rehnumah Insan aka The Travelette on Instagram! She was born in the UK and has lived here her whole life. She graduated with a degree and then completed Masters – both in Law – and went immediately into the legal profession. She’s currently working as a Civil Servant for the UK government. While growing […]

Stay SheActive While Travelling

Shehzin Islam aka SheActive has become a household name for fitness beginners and enthusiasts within a short span of one year. Her monthly online workout sessions are not only physically challenging but it will also help an individual to develop their mental strength as well. She shares the benefits of adapting to a healthier lifestyle […]


When you cry out of joy you realize that you’ve seen something beautiful, far beyond your imagination. That’s exactly what happened in South Africa. Travelling across the Rainbow Nation was the most cathartic experience of my life. I think I might run out of words to describe how I felt in the two weeks I […]