No, we do not mean that the bride has run away! We are talking about Sadia Afrin Prova who is a senior recruitment manager at a Canadian education platform. Her wedding in 2020 swept off all the girls in and outside the Wander Woman community with her unique wedding celebrations. From her bridal shower, to Mehndi and Holud – these events were done amidst the serenity of nature in Bangladesh while the Team Bride was on the go!

WW: Enlighten us with some details about your travel background while growing up.

P: I was always fascinated with certain movies as a child where the main character travels from one place to another and I thought if you are an actor, you can travel. Unfortunately, I always used to get sick from nausea while traveling. That’s why my parents used to keep me at home and I was always missing in family pictures during holidays. 

Then I grew up and started reading “Tin Goyenda”- a popular thriller fiction series and started to be fascinated about the places they mentioned in the books. I tried to overcome my fear and nausea, and took it as a challenge that no matter how many times I vomit, I will travel and solve mysteries like I read in the books. I know traveling will change my whole life. My first trip was with my family in Rajshahi, Bangladesh and I was amused by the Padma river, new people and things I experienced. I used to talk to my friends about that experience for years. It was always with family afterwards and I never had permission to travel alone coming from a conservative family. 

I started traveling with friends and solo traveling once I started earning by myself. I applied for a visa, booked my tickets without informing my family and I admit – I was extremely nervous! What if this rebellious behavior harms me in any way? But it didn’t and somehow after my first tour to Thailand my parents never held me back. 

WW: How did you come up with the idea of hosting events at multiple locations?

P: It was a dream come true experience for me!! I was traveling and doing my wedding events. I always enjoyed friends and relatives’ Holud programs but never imagined myself sitting on stage doing the same. I didn’t want something which won’t give me happiness. Nothing gives me happiness more than traveling and surprisingly I did it at my wedding. 


[Place it anywhere] QUOTE – We just packed our bags and made it happen. A happy bride is all you need in a marriage, right? There is nothing but traveling that makes this bride happy.

Just 7 days before my wedding I took the road to Sylhet along with my friends and it was one of the best decisions of my life! People in Lalakhal thought it was a movie shoot. People in Lakatura Tea Garden were less bothered as they counted it as girls doing photoshoots. Resort people thought it was a friends’ hangout. While in reality, we did my Holud at a boat in Lalakhal, Mehendi on Lakatura tea garden and Bridal Shower at Ratargul Holiday Home Resort. 

We wore sarees with sneakers and set out for this adventure. We did makeup and changed for Holud/Mehendi in the car which we rented. I am kind of used to doing such things while traveling but I never imagined my friends would enjoy this too and this series of events will actually happen at my wedding.

In June 2020 I had plans to travel to the UK and Germany along with my girls group for my bachelorette. Two of my friends live there and the other two planned to travel from Bangladesh. Unfortunately, COVID happened in March 2020 and we stopped pursuing our plan. I was restless all those months and finally in September when the situation improved a bit I proposed to my friend that since going abroad is not possible, why not celebrate at multiple locations in Bangladesh? We just packed our bags and made it happen. A happy bride is all you need in a marriage, right? There is nothing but traveling that makes this bride happy.

WW: What did you do to execute your plans? What were the barriers and how did you overcome them?

P: I suddenly realized that I don’t have many friends who would agree to my crazy idea. Everyone wants to dress up and dance but not dress up and travel. So at first I was counting people to make the budget plan. Second thing was deciding locations and anticipating what could go wrong with planning. Next comes the difficult part of convincing the family. Thankfully my partner is a traveler too and he convinced both the families that it’s safe even if it’s just a week before the wedding. 

Next step was organizing hotels and resorts, transport, photographer and outfits. I have approached many popular vendors while choosing photographers but my dream was just a mere photoshoot for them. I approached someone more authentic and aligned with my vision. Finding the perfect team who will understand my dream and can execute the moments through pictures was difficult. I was spending my own savings at my events so I was speculating about going overboard on costing. I also wanted to do everything single handedly so controlling my own emotion was a challenge for me. Tour planning isn’t everything, executing and being active is key to a successful tour – that is what I learnt while making this happen. 

WW: Any message you’d like to share to inspire Bangladeshi female travellers or brides?

P: Break the path, do what you like the most at your wedding, the world will adjust. End of the day it’s your lifetime memory, don’t do anything for society! 


Instagram : thepinupgirlprova