Sisterhood of Travelling Wander Woman

The popular movie Sisterhood of Travelling Pants left a mark among many 90s teenage girls. The plot in the movie revolves around best friends who spend their first summer apart and what they do in order to stay connected with each other despite the adversities of life. 

The story we are sharing here is in fact the opposite. It revolves around strangers who travelled with Wander Woman and later became the closest of friends! 

How did they become such good friends? Where are they from? Well, they originate from diverse backgrounds in terms of age, education and career but they all share the same fiery passion for travel. The fantastic group was paired up with a trailblazing Wander Woman team member Samia and the rest is history! The ladies have now become inseparable travel buddies, giving everyone and anyone the ultimate squad goals.

Most brave – Kashfia and Barkha

Most strict aka The Mom – Samia (Our WW Trip Leader)

Sleepiest – Nupur 

Most Punctual – Amira

Pose Queen – Prova

WW: Give us an insight into what do you all do apart from being the ultimate travel squad?

Well starting with Barkha – a school faculty and freelance interior designer, Kashfia – a RMG CSR Manager’s Representative, Amira – PR and Content Specialist at a Digital Healthcare company, Nupur – IWS Process Lead at a multinational company and Prova – a recruitment manager for an international education organisation.

WW: Which places did you all travel to together with WW? 

B: We travelled to Rangamati (October 2020), Sylhet (January 2021), Kuakata (January 2021) and Saint Martin’s Island (March 2021) which was a dream trip – something we’ve been planning ever since we met! Amira was there during all of those incredible trips while Kashfia and Nupur where present at Rangamati and Saint Martin. 

K: Apart from the trips mentioned, I also went to Puran Dhaka in 2020, along with Manikganj and Sonargaon in 2021 with WW.

WW: What made you become friends after the trip? What is the most important aspect you look for in a friend?

A: We all became friends due to our similar mentality despite of being from very different backgrounds. It was our thirst for travelling that brought us closer, moreover we all get along really well and we genuinely enjoy each other’s company a lot! In case of friendship, what matters to me the most if that person is respectful, open-minded and not judgmental at all.

N: I’d quote – “Locate things that motivate you and surround yourself with people that inspire you”. What an ecstatic, delightful, meaningful journey it has been with them! I feel braver and their friendship made me realise the real purpose of life.

B: Our like-mindedness helped us become friends fast. The quirkiness that each of us possesses, the appreciation for our differences, the respect we have for each other regardless of age and background made us bond in our first ever WW trip. I don’t think the trip could’ve been better without any of them! Somehow we managed to find joy even in the most underwhelming situations, make countless memories, laugh over them, reminisce and plan for more trips ahead. They say travelling together creates the most unique bond, and this is so true in our case!

WW: Share your favourite memory with the group while travelling with WW.

A: In Rangamati we were all travelling by a boat, it was past sunset and I was sitting on top of the roof of the boat along with a few people. It was really dark all around and felt quite chilly hence, I had to wrap a shawl I had brought from the ‘Pahari Market moments earlier’.

I remember not being able to see much other than some distant lights from a few islands around us and the illuminating stars in the sky. That moment is probably one of the most amazing moments I have ever experienced and especially because I had never imagined feeling something like that with a bunch of strangers. I tried so hard to capture that moment in a video but it was incredibly dark that my camera just couldn’t capture the sheer beauty of it. But in spite of that, I don’t think I will ever forget that moment.

B: It is extremely hard to pick just one memory because there are so many incredible as well as hilarious ones! But if I have to choose, it has to be that chilling ghost-story night in Sylhet, with wolves howling outside and we were scared to the end of our wits. We all curled up in the big living room of our resort, sharing the scariest stories, till at one point we were too scared to go back to our rooms. Funnily enough, some of us tried to llighten up the moment listening to crappy Bollywood songs.

N: In Saint Martin we came across a local teenage boy who captured our beautiful moments for us. He was more excited than any of us! He diirected us on how to pose or whatnot. I can still remember his frustrated face when we could not pose properly according to his directions. It was fun coming across an interesting character like him. Another memory I have is of the late night beach stroll and then later running thinking of there was a ghost! Our musical sessions where we sing playfully are also enjoyable and hard to forget.

K: My fondest memory of traveling with WW has to be how we all took our chances to wear a single saree at Shubholong Waterfall and take pictures. I think this memory is everyone’s favourite as it was wholesome on another level! I think I will cherish it for as long as I live! I am also grateful to WW for allowing me to take my baby brother to St. Martin. I cannot put into words how warm and accommodating everyone else on the trip had been to us. 

WW: Has your life changed from before since you met this group?

B: My outlook on life definitely changed after meeting this group. They have made me more liberal, embrace my free spirit, be more accommodating, and of course, I made the most amazing friends and memories worth a lifetime.

N: I became more positive and focused towards life. I started to enjoy my life every second. I have started to embrace new challenges and I am proud of the way I am growing and living now. 

A: I look forward to holidays and do not have to worry about finding good company. I have the best set of friends to travel with.

K: My life has changed for the better. There’s no one else I would be comfortable discussing yoni eggs with (if you know, you know).